App Boosts Android Battery Life by 30%

August 17, 2018

Good news Android phone users! There is an app that is able to extend the battery life of your phone by up to an hour. The MultiDroid app works by dialing down the brightness of 'non-critical applications,' thereby limiting the amount of energy eaten up by devices. So you save on energy consumption without impacting performance. Researchers say the main battery drain on an Android phone is the built-in multi-window tool, which allows you to run two apps side by side in a split-screen view.  That's a big battery drain, so when you're interacting with one application, the brightness of the other window goes down thereby reduces the energy consumption of the device. MultiDroid has been tested the app on 200 smartphone users, who downloaded the software onto their phone and used it while they had several windows open at once.  Ultimately, they found that the app boosted users' battery life by 10 to 25%. However you are going to have to wait a while to download the app. It isn't available at the moment and will only work on newer phones that have Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays instead of the standard LED.  There is talk of having the app already loaded on newer phone to assist in saving power.  Until them, you can turn off the multi-window mode to save your battery's life.

SOURCE: Engadget

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