Americans Are Seeking Out New Jobs

January 24, 2019


According to Google Trends, "how to quit a job" was the most searched phrase of 2018, followed closely by “what job should I have.” The data matches the government's data which revealed that at one point during 2018, the job quitting rate hit its highest level since 2001. One big reason so many people are quitting is that many employees can easily get another job in the current economy, government data reveals. Many of us are leaving for higher pay and the chance at a better office environment. Data released last year found that 82% of workers say they expect pay raises every year to stay with their current employers and 60% have left or want to leave because of a direct supervisor. If you are considering taking a new job, experts say you should ask yourself whether what you’re leaving your new job for is closer to your career goals. How much fulfillment and enjoyment you’ll get out of your current and potential new gig, as well as how much each might utilize your skills and abilities and how good their benefits are. As for leaving, make sure you give enough notice. The traditional two weeks for most employees and more for senior level people. As for a private, in-person meeting with your boss in order to resign, if possible. Be positive and resist the urge to unload.  Remember that even if you didn’t love your job, you may cross paths with your boss and coworkers in the future so stay professional and don’t complain.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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