Pediatric Group Recommends Kids Get The Flu Shot Instead Of The Nasal Spray

September 10, 2018

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We've got a way to go before the flu season is her but health officials are encouraging you to get your flu shot now in order for your body to properly prepare before the season arrives.  Beside an injection, this year marks the return of the nasal spray flu vaccine. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have listed it as an option for the first time in two years. Although the nasal spray gets the green light from the government, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending parents to skip it as a first choice for children. The CDC recommended not using the nasal spray for the last two flu seasons because it appeared to be less effective than the flu shot in children. However after the nasal spray’s manufacturer reformulated it solution and provided presented data suggesting that it may protect against the flu just as well as the shot, it's now another recommended option.  But while evidence from lab tests is promising, there’s no real-world proof of that yet, according to the pediatrics group. That’s why the AAP recommends the flu shot as the first choice for children and says you should consider the nasal spray flu vaccine only as a backup, such as for children who are especially fearful of needles. The most important thing to remember is that everyone 6 months and older should receive a flu vaccination in an appropriate form, according to public health officials. Last year’s flu caused a record number of deaths in children, according to the CDC, and most kids who die from flu are unvaccinated.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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