Amazon Using Fake Packages To Catch Delivery Truck Thieves

September 25, 2018

© Stephen Coburn | Dreamstime

While companies work on ways to solve porch pirates, those who steal delivered packages off the doorstep of homes, Amazon is also looking to stop thieving delivery truck drivers. Amazon is planting fake packages to test the integrity of their drivers. It starts with a dummy package sent at random with fake labels and are usually empty or filled with a small paperweight.  According to Amazon, each package is to be scanned when loaded into the truck. The labels on these packages are intentionally rigged to bring up an error message when scanned, leaving the driver three options to call their supervisor for instruction, return the package to the Amazon warehouse at the end of their shift or they could just keep it for themselves. The dummy tactic has proved successful as many drivers have been caught stealing packages. The National Retail Federation estimates $47 billion of lost goods can be traced to theft, error or fraud. In 2017, a survey found 31% of online shoppers surveyed experienced package theft and 61% believed online retailers were not doing enough to prevent package theft.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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