Now You Can Buy An Entire House On Amazon And Have It Delivered For Free

June 3, 2019


You'd be hard-pressed to find an item not for sale on online retail giant, Amazon, including a home!  Yep, prefabricated home are now able to be purchased and delivered, free if you are an Amazon Prime member! Prefabricated housing is having a heyday with industry revenue growing by 8.6% from 2013 to 2018, with a 4.1% growth last year alone! So popular that the Allwood Solvalla 172 square foot garden house sold out briefly.  The $7,250 prebuilt homes can be built in eight hours and ships free from Amazon. But it's not just tiny homes for sale. Apparently you can get cabin kits with as much as 1336 square feet of livable space for $64,000. Allwood says their biggest selling online homes are perfect for a summer house, home office or a mother-in-law suite.  Of course utility hookups, building permits and other costs associated with homes are not included but the shipping, at least through Amazon, is included at no additional charge! 

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SOURCE: MarketWatch

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