Amazon To Make Whole Food Grocery Deliveries Free

October 30, 2019

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The popularity of home delivery of groceries is wildly popular.  Instead of finding the time to walk up and down the aisles while keeping the kiddos in line are finally over with most grocery chains offering delivery, for a fee.  However Amazon is offering free delivery of groceries from its subsidiary food store, Whole Foods. That means the standard $14.99 delivery fee will be set to zero, as long as you are an Amazon Prime member.  Compared to Publix, Target and Walmart, the Whole Food grocery delivery service isn't a great deal. While Walmart has an annual delivery fee of $98 and Target and Publix offer $14.99 deliveries along with a $99 yearly fee, the $119 Amazon Prime membership is the highest of them all.  But if you are already a Prime member, this may be a game-changer, eventually. Unfortunately Amazon Fresh is not available in Gainesville and you will still need to use (and pay) the Instacart service that delivers groceries from Publix, Earthfare and Aldi. Even when Whole Foods delivery becomes available through Amazon Prime, there will be a catch, at least for now.  Since the free offer is only available to Prime accounts that have previously made food delivery orders in the past, you'll need to request an invitation to the offer which could take some time. 

SOURCE: delish

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