Avoid These Amazon Prime Mistakes

November 30, 2018

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Some would argue that Amazon is the king of retail. There are an estimated 90 million paying Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States today according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and Statista. Of those members, 46% subscribers buy something online using the benefits of their subscription at least once a week. But just because you are a Prime member, you still should be savvy when it comes to deals. So here are some common mistakes you may be making.  First is that you always opt for two-day shipping. Of course you pay annually for that privilege but do you really need it in a couple days?  If you opt for the no-rush shipping at check-out, Amazon will offer you a promotional discount immediately or a promotional reward towards a future purchase. The rewards are automatically added to your account and you can use them for  buying eBooks on your wish list, favorite movies on Amazon Instant Video, groceries and daily essentials on Prime Pantry, and just about anything else. The downside is it can take up to six days for your item(s) to be delivered. Another mistake is the timing of your purchases.  Amazon’s prices fluctuate so if you buy on a whim, you might be missing out on the best price. That’s why it’s always worth looking at a price-checking site like CamelCamelCamel.com, which will show you when prices for items tend to be lower and higher so you can time your purchase accordingly. Finally if you don't comparison shop, you could be losing money. Yes you pay $119 per year to be a Prime member and you get free two-day shipping, so you want to get the value of the perks. Yes, Amazon's prices are around 13% less than other retailers but there are better deals outside Prime in certain cases.  SO don't just buy on Prime because you're a member. Look around and you may find your items cheaper (and with free shipping).

SOURCE: Marketwatch

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