Amazon Announces Free Shipping For All

November 6, 2018

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This Christmas might be remembered as the year of free shipping.  Amazon has announced that shipping will be free to all customers and on all purchases for a limited time.  That means for the first time, you do not need to be a Prime member to enjoy the benefits of free two-day shipping. It's the latest chess move to win your business in the upcoming months as Target announced in October its free two-day shipping on all orders without a minimum through December 22nd. Walmart's free-two day shipping began in January of 2017, through it requires a $35 minimum order.  Best Buy also removed its free-shipping threshold but gave no time guarantee. However Amazon's free shipping for all has a caveat, while Prime members still get free two-day shipping, the new offer requires customers who partake to settle for the five- to eight-day variety. Prime members will get extra perks, too, including more items eligible for same-day shipping. Amazon has been intentionally unclear as to the length of this limited offer with many speculating it will run through the holiday season until a week or so before Christmas, when it can still guarantee delivery in time. Analysts have estimated that Amazon accounted for nearly half of all online Black Friday sales in 2017 and that it is likely to account for even more this year.

SOURCE: Newser & Business Insider

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