Alexa Can Spell Out Words For You

January 6, 2020

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From time to time your mind draws a blank when trying to spell a word.  Thankfully, Alexa is a champ at selling! By default, Alexa has a dictionary built-in, which allows it to spell out words for you, provided you’re able to pronounce them relatively correctly. It's a handy feature that spell check can't cover when you are not close in spelling the word correctly.  However some words, such as profanity, are blocked out. Spellings come back at Alexa’s regular speaking speed, which if you’re typing or writing might be a bit fast unless you’re just trying to double-check your work. Just like with other Alexa features; however, you can ask it to slow down if you need it to. Worth noting: When you ask Alexa to slow down you’re setting a new default speed for Alexa on your device going forward. You’ll need to ask it to speed up again afterward if you want her talking at a normal speed in the future. 

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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