Prevent Alexa From Blurting Out Christmas Gifts

December 4, 2019

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Amazon has a pretty good system for keeping track of your orders...too good especially at this time of year when surprise gifts are unknowingly unveiled. A mother found this out the hard way when her daughter's main Christmas gift was blurted out by Amazon's voice activated digital assistant Alexa.  While it is nice to know that a package has been shipped, the surprise of a camera was ruined when the woman and her daughter heard it together.  Although the mom tried to cover it up, she was annoyed by having to find a new main gift. Although Amazon announced earlier this year that its assistant would not reveal items that were likely to be gifts in the run-up to Christmas, it did. Although Amazon says Alexa will not reveals the names of items likely to be gifts to prevent spoiling, you may want to turn off the package announcement feature. In your Alexa app, access "settings," then "notifications" and finally "Amazon shopping." Toggle off the "For Items in delivery updates" until all of your Christmas shopping is over.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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