Alexa Offering Assistance With The Midterm Elections

November 2, 2018


This Tuesday we will do our civic duty in voting in th midterm election.  Amazon's Alexa has civics on its mind too as programmers have incorporated knowledge of election data, including where to vote, real-time results, and even explanations of ballot measures into the artificial intelligence assistant. Now you'll be able to ask Alexa where your polling place is or who's leading in any particular race, and it'll respond with a real answer instead of an Amazon deal or the dreaded blow off of pulling up the subject in an Internet search engine. Besides keeping the information decidedly nonpartisan, the main way Amazon is ensuring the accuracy of the election information is by outsourcing it. It has three main partners for the effort: Ballotpedia for pre-election ballot information, RealClearPolitics for polling updates, and the Associated Press for elections results, including real-time info in individual races. Amazon says they were the most credible, neutral sources of election data. While deep details about amendments and candidates should be handled yourself, keeping it simple with Who's on the ballot? Where can I vote? What are the results? That way you'll know where to go, what to vote on and who and what wins.

SOURCE: Mashable

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