The Alexa-Enabled Christmas Tree

November 18, 2019

© Ivan Kopylov | Dreamstime


Last year Amazon began to send live Christmas trees to those who ordered them.  This year, Amazon can be connected to your Christmas tree! A seven-foot “smart” tree is named Mr. Christmas, and is available on Amazon and it connects with Alexa. Coming with 400 individual LED lights and 13 lighting functions, you can choose between solid colors of red, green, blue, purple yellow, white or a mix of all of them that twinkle (or not) all with a voice command to Alexa. Your voice can also turn the lights of the tree on and off, schedule the time your tree lights up; all without lifting a finger! If you are a traditionalist when it comes to turning your Christmas tree lights on and off, you can do it manually and there is even a feature that lets you control this tree without an Amazon Echo. The Mr. Christmas Smart Christmas tree sells for $299 at Amazon. But you may want to purchase it soon as the tree has been on backorder, with current deliveries set for the first two weeks in December.

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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