The Water On Most Airlines Is Unsafe To Consume

November 8, 2019

The approaching holidays means many of us will be traveling to spend time them with friends and family. If your travel involves taking an airplane, be care about using the water on-board. A shocking study reveals the quality of drinking water varies by airline, so much so that some airline water may actually make you sick. The 2019 Airline Water Study ranks 11 major and 12 regional airlines, mainly by the quality of water they provide onboard flights and it found only Alaska Airlines, Allegiant and Hawaiian Airlines have safe water on-board for drinking and washing. As for the worst, that honor goes to JetBlue and Spirit airlines, among the major airlines, with on-board water so bad, you shouldn't even ash your hands with it! The water get murkier when it comes to regional airlines the study found nearly all regional airlines, except Piedmont Airlines (operates under American Eagle), have poor water. Republic Airways (operates as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express) and ExpressJet (operates as United Express) scored the lowest. Although the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR), was implemented in 2011 and requires airlines to provide passengers and flight crew with safe drinking water, the Federal agencies responsible for monitoring the quality of water rarely levies civil penalties. So, what can you do to stay safe? Never drink any water on board that isn't in a sealed bottle, do not drink coffee or tea on board, and do not wash your hands in the bathroom; bring hand-sanitizer with you instead.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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