Add An Extra Destination To Your Trip With An Airline Stopover

April 16, 2019

Summer is just over a month away and when you find out that you can get two vacations in one, it might just be the best one ever!  There's a little-known airline hack that lets you travel to two destinations for the price of one. Foreign airlines are only allowed to fly between the United States and the country in which they are based.  So if you flew British Airlines from Tampa to Berlin, you would have to fly you to the United Kingdom (UK) first and you would take a connecting flight from the UK to Berlin.  It's called a stopover and airlines used to charge a hefty premium for a second location stop. But today, many have teamed up with local tourism agencies in their home countries that allow you to spend a day or in a city "on the way" to your destination for little to no extra costs! Fly Icelandair from New York to London and get a stopover in Iceland for up to seven days for free!  Fly KLM and get a free stopover in Amsterdam. Japan Airlines offers a free stopover in Tokyo. Air Canada can get you a free stopover in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. Of course, these come with restrictions, such as you may have to fly to and from certain cities to get the deal. And while many are free there are additional airport taxes and fees as well as hotels and transportation costs you will need to consider too. Most foreign airlines offer their stopover program through their websites and a quick call with customer service may be a neat way to squeeze out a second (or third) destination for your vacation!

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SOURCE: MarketWatch

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