The Safety of Flying During The COVID-19 Pandemic

August 27, 2020

Air travel has been one of the hardest-hit industries since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in force earlier this year. Understandably, not many people feel safe riding in a sealed tube for hours on end with other passengers who can spread a respiratory disease via invisible airborne particles. However your chances of catching COVID-19 on an airplane might be lower than you realize. Statistics compiled from completed flights and people who have tested positive for COVID-19 found that on a completely full, short-haul, two-hour flight in the U.S., with three seats in a row on each side of the aisle, the chances of you catching SARS-CoV-2 are only 1 in 4,300, as long as everyone is wearing a mask correctly. If the flight isn’t completely full and the middle seats in each row are left empty, the chances of catching SARS-CoV-2 drop to only 1 in 7,700. And while being enclosed increases the risk of catching coronavirus, aircraft cabins replace the air every two to three minutes, and most planes are fitted with air filters designed to trap 99.99% of particles. Mixed with the airlines strict policies of mandatory masks and denying boarding if anyone has signs of being sick, it may be a good time to take to the friendly skies.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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