The Key In Brewing The Best Sweet Tea Ever

April 17, 2019

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You can tell you are in the south when tea is only offered in the sweetened and cold variety!  You've got to admit, a glass of sweet tea tastes absolutely delicious on a hot, summer afternoon (okay, it tastes great ANYTIME) and while many have their tweaks in making the best sweet tea, we've got one for you. In fact it is the simplest tweak and many say pops up your sweet tea to legendary status. The key lays on the sugar itself.  Now just mixing sugar into brewed iced tea is not the way to do it as he sugar does not combine well and often sinks to the bottom. Many people employ the method of dissolves large tea bags in boiling water, then pour the mixture into some cold water that has already added sugar to. Some mix sugar into a boiling tea mixture, then add cold water. However the next time you brew tea, don't add sugar after you've brewed.  Add sugar at the same time you are brewing. Adding sugar into the boiling pot alongside the seeping tea bags (of in the glass jar with the tea bag when brewing using the sun method) allows more aromatics to be drawn from the tea, making it more fragrant. Since smell is essential to the taste of food and drink, you can bump up your sweet tea game making your brew the preferred backyard favorite all summer long!

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