Punch Up The Flavor Of Fruit With A Splash of Vinegar

August 6, 2019

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Black and white, Ying and yang, Gators and Seminoles.  Although they are different, they each need each other for balance.  So when it comes to the sweetness of fruits, add some sourness with a splash of vinegar. Believe it or not, a small amount of acid can not only brighten the flavor of your favorite fruit, but it can also amplify the sweetness of a naturally sweet thing by providing contrast. If you’re having a hard time tasting this with your mind’s tongue, think of a feta and watermelon salad, which is so often drizzled with balsamic. That salad is good because it hits all the flavor hits—sweet (watermelon), salty (feta) and acidic (balsamic). On a smaller scale, just splash of vinegar, just one teaspoon per cup of fruit, adds that contrasting hint of tang without overpowering the flavor profile of the fruit. Try balsamic for watermelon and most berries, champagne vinegar with stone fruits and in a lot of cases apple cider vinegar will do the trick, but start with half a teaspoon and add the remaining half if your taste buds desire it. You can eat your vinegar-spiked treat immediately, but if you let everyone hang out a while, some of the fruit’s juices will mix with the vinegar, creating a tangy, sweet syrup that’s delicious on cake, swirled into ice cream, or muddled into a cocktail.

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