Three-Day Weekends Increase Worker's Productivity by 40%

November 6, 2019

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime


Perhaps in the near future, three-day weekends will be normal and occur every weekend as Microsoft's Japanese arm announced this week that despite workers spending 20% less time in the office, productivity increased by nearly 40%. In an effort to improve its workers' work-life balance, the company gave 2,300 workers every Friday off during the Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019. The day off did not come out of their holiday allowance and their salaries remained the same throughout the month that it was trialed. Not only did productivity go up, but absence also went down by more than 25% (25.4%) and use of electricity went down by 23% (23.1%). One of the reasons cited for the increase in productivity is that people realized they had less time to do their work so ended up spending less time in meetings. They were either cut altogether, shortened or took place online rather than face-to-face. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some 92.1 per cent of workers said they enjoyed the four-day week and Microsoft said it was planning on repeating the exercise next summer. They have also said they may roll it out at other times of the year.


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