Daily Meditation Better For Your Health Than Vacation

June 14, 2019

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You've waited a long time for your vacation!  Time for fun, time for family and time to relax. But you don't need a vacation to unwind as just 15 minutes a day of meditation has about the same impact on well-being as a day of vacation. Researchers concluded this after an extensive experiment where 94 women were split into three groups. Thirty of the women were experienced meditators who had enrolled in a six-day meditation retreat. The remaining 64 non-meditating women were further split into two groups, with one enrolling in meditation classes at the resort and the other simply placed on vacation. For all three groups, researchers collected blood samples and self-reported wellness surveys immediately before and after the retreat as well as one month and 10 months later. Researchers found that all three groups showed some differences in their molecular makeup after a week at the resort. The most significant changes in their "post-vacation biology" were in molecular pathways related to stress response and immune system function. Evaluations of the participants' self-reported wellness surveys found that the women who learned meditation techniques at the retreat reported fewer symptoms of depression and less stress than their non-meditating peers. They also maintained these benefits for a longer period than the women who did not meditate. Studies have shown that these mental health benefits have direct physical health benefits, too, resulting in lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved digestion, more physical energy, and a more robust immune system.

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SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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