Group Petitions Government To Move Halloween To Last Saturday Of October

October 29, 2018


To the disappointment of many, this year's Halloween falls on a Wednesday. It’s slap dab in the middle of the work week and on a school night, meaning trick-or-treating will be less of a festive event and finished for many before the sun goes down.  However there is a small push to get the day switched to a permanent home on the weekend.  A group calling itself The Halloween & Costume Organization has launched a petition in support of moving Halloween from its traditional day prior to All Hallow's Day, or All Saints' Day on November 1st, to a permanent home of the last Saturday in the month of October.  The group says moving Halloween to a Saturday will mean a longer, safer and stress-free celebration.  With 51% of Millennials saying Halloween is their favorite holiday, it's no surprise that the petition has over 27,000 signatures in hopes the President of the United States takes notice and make the proclamation to move Halloween to a Saturday.  However it will take an act of Congress to do it. Since Halloween is not a Federally recognized holiday, the chances of the government making the change will be a challenge. You can sign the petition HERE.

SOURCE: Newser

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