Phone Battery Myths Debunked

January 31, 2019

© Dmitriy Melnikov | Dreamstime

Our smartphones may be too smart for our own good but there is some old data out there about its battery. For instance, you may have heard it is a bad idea to charge your phone for a long period of time, such as overnight, saying it will overcharge and diminish the quality of the battery. Not true. The batteries inside your phone are programmed to switch off when the charge gets to 100%, so there is no danger of it overcharging and ruining the battery. Another popular thought is to run your battery down completely before charging it up. There’s no need to wait until your phone dies before plugging it in. It’s actually better to charge up your device a little bit at a time throughout the day, if you can. Having your device sit at between 40% – 80% is the ideal sweet spot according to experts on battery tech. However experts recommend letting your phone drop down to 0% and then recharged fully every once every 3 months to help calibrate it. Another myth is that heat will not affect your battery.  Heat is the enemy of your phone and its battery. Operating temperature of smartphones according to their manufacturers’ environmental guidelines is around 32°F to 95°F. Anything hotter will cause the battery to drain quicker.


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