7-Year Old Girl Convinces Town To Change Its Name For Halloween

October 30, 2018

© Alexander Raths Dreamstime

A 7-year old girl was all smiles when she learned her hometown would implement her idea of changing its name to Hauntington for Halloween. Second grader Angelica Dee Cunningham was in the car with her parents a while ago and shared her idea of changing the town of Huntington, New York to Hauntington for one day in the spirit of Halloween.  Her parents encouraged her to write to town officials of her idea.  So she sent a handwritten note explaining how the name would be fun to say, but she didn't think officials would take her suggestion seriously. However Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci loved the idea and the town council unanimously approved the switch last week. In fact it is expected Huntington will use Angelica's idea for many years to come.

SOURCE: Newser

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