Man Breaks Into A House To Smoke Marijuana Only To Discover A Caged Tiger

February 13, 2019

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It's not always Florida that is home to news of a weird nature.  Houston, Texas has its fair share too after a man broke into a house to smoke marijuana and was surprised to see a caged tiger! Police were skeptical about the anonymous tipster, who called police last week to report he saw the tiger in a "rinky-dink" cage in an abandoned house which he broke in so he could spark a J. Police questioned the tipster as to whether they were under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger. However once police arrived at the property Monday they indeed found a 350 pound tiger in a cage meant for a  large dog that was in the garage.  The cage and garage weren't even locked.  It's unclear who owned the illegal exotic animal, but whoever did had to have been with it at least somewhat recently—the cops reportedly found a bunch of packaged meat in the garage near the cage. The Houston PD is investigating and will decide if charges will be filed. As for the male tiger, peaceful and calm waiting in its cage, was transported to a veterinarian hospital for a checkup and now living on a 1400-acre animal sanctuary outside Dallas. While not illegal to own a tiger, the Tiger Conservation Campaign says only 3,500 tigers of all subspecies of the big cat remain in the wild.


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