The Best Way To Dry Your Swimsuit

July 29, 2019

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It takes a long time to seek out and find a swim suit that you adore!  But that beloved staple of summer can be ruined if you do not take care of it properly. The thing that will make the biggest difference in your swimwear’s longevity is how you clean and care for your suit, especially how it’s dried. Heat, sun and gravity can all have negative effects. First, do not dry your swim suit in the clothes dryer! It drastically accelerates its deterioration, even if you do it just one time, especially on high heat. If you are in a pinch (such as traveling) and most use a machine, choose a tumble dry setting with zero heat. Do not dry your swim suite in the sun. Although it seems preferable to the dryer, the sun can cause the color of your swimsuit to fade. Ultraviolet rays can change the compounds used to color your suit and since you are out in the sun in your suit, you want o limit its exposure as much as you can. So drying inside is the key, just don't hang it up to dry. The swimsuit fabric can easily stretch out of place, either stretching the fabric it’s hung from, or throughout the suit thanks to the effects of gravity on a heavy water-soaked suit. So dry it on a flat surface, away from heat and sunlight. Roll it gently in a towel before laying it flat to air dry. Then use another towel to lay it on to dry and that perfect swimsuit will last for many more pool parties and beach outings!

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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