Florida Man Arrested For Singing Dirty Lyric Song To His Neighbor

April 19, 2019


With the warmer weather, it is just a matter of time before w hear of another bizarre story from our home state. They've been affectionately dubbed as "Florida Man," since most of them begin with that statement. This is one and for this Florida Man story we head to Wildwood and meet 62-year old Robert Mirabella. A novice songwriter and guitar player who doesn't get along with his neighbor.  Saturday night while his neighbor was on her front porch, Robert decided to serenade her with a song he penned himself.  While a seemingly nice gesture to bury the hatchet between the two, the song contained lyrics that upset the woman.  In particular the lyric, "There is a neighbor who was a b---h” and “I see her now, she’s just a witch,” prompted the woman to record the song on her phone as evidence for the police. The officer who responded reported that the victim was “visibly upset” by Mirabella’s performance and that the song had affected her peace and quiet “a lot.”  When questioned, Robert initially denied the woman’s allegation. But when the neighbor played back her recording, the police confirmed it was Robert singing, although he claimed that he may have sang the song in front of the woman, but it didn't mean it was about her. Mirabella was arrested for disorderly conduct and plead not guilty.

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SOURCE: The Smoking Gun

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