How To Beat Thanksgiving Day Traffic

November 16, 2018


The time around Thanksgiving Day is widely touted as the most-traveled period of the year, so you'll want to know when the busiest (least busy) times to travel by road and by air. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the earlier you leave the better. If you can hit the road Tuesday and return home Sunday, you'll experience the least amount of holiday traffic. Estimates are that the heaviest road traffic will be on Thanksgiving Day as well as Friday and Saturday for people returning home. However if you're flying to your destination, Thanksgiving is the least busy of the holiday travel days. The busiest air travel days are Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Sunday after it. Whither you're driving for flying, remember to allow some extra time and come with a lot of patience as a record number of people will be traveling this year. 

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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