86 Year Old Woman Fends Off Thief With Bacon

July 20, 2016

You can call bacon delicious, you can call bacon disgusting but it's rare you'd call bacon a defense weapon.  But it turns out that's what an 86 year old woman used to keep herself from being robbed.  It happened yesterday in a small town outside of Manchester, England when she stopped by an ATM to withdraw some cash for her grocery shopping trip.  However there was a thief watching her every more.  As the granny wrapped up business at the ATM, she went inside to shop and the thief followed her and stalked her until he could corner her and take her cash. To the robber’s surprise, their intended victim wasn’t as feeble and vulnerable as she may have appeared and actually managed to defend herself. As the thief grabbed her shopping cart and demanding she hand over the money.  She reached into her cart, grabbed a package of bacon, and whacked her assailant over the head repeatedly. After so much abuse, the attacker fled. No word if the thief was caught but chances are if you encounter a man who cowers at the sight of a pound of bacon, he might be the guy!


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