6 Positive Ways To Get Noticed By Management

October 28, 2016

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While all of us want to do our best when at work there are ways to stand out from the crowd which could mean you on your way to bigger and better things.  Job recruiters have unveiled the six rules to being a standout at work, which could lead to more money and higher success.  #1-Be very, very good at something no one else is any good at, which means stepping up to a challenge.  If all you are doing is what your job description says you should be doing, then you are not going to get noticed by your boss, so taker on a challenge no one else wants and make it your goal to be the best at it. #2-Nework.  Make relationships with your colleagues in other departments to get yourself seen and known throughout the company. #3-Think business development. What can you do to bring in new business or spread head in cost savings?  Making money for the company will get you noticed. #4-Have enthusiasm. It is contagious!  #5-Stay on your toes. Continually develop your skills, stay on top of your role and stay connected to those around you. #6-Always keep your head up.  It’s not just a figure of speech.  If you drop your head and feel miserable, you’ll stay miserable and your attitude will have an effect on your colleagues.  On bad days in the office, be the one to encourage others and lend a hand!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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