The $300 Hoodie That Lasts 100 Years

June 29, 2017

Loganban | Dreamstime

It is being billed as the hoodie that will outlast you and for the low, low price of $300, it may be the best fashion investment ever! Designer Sportswear Company, Vollebak, markets The 100 Year Hoodie may look like your average hoodie but it's made with a softer version of Kevlar, the same stuff bullet-proof vests and space suits are make from.  The softness resembles cotton but is much more durable. The stitches, zipper, and drawstring are all ultra-high-quality, too, to resist wear and tear. The sheer strength of the material should make the 100 year hoodie last longer than the person wearing it! As for the color, The 100 Year Hoodie actually changes to its permanent color the longer it is exposed to UV light!  So if you plan on passing down your hoodie to the next generation or find yourself always wearing one, a $300 investment in a hoodie outlasting you may not be a bad gamble!

SOURCE: Vollebak

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