30 Gallons of Cinnabon Frosting Catches A Ride On The Bus

May 2, 2017

© Rosemary Buffoni | Dreamstime

Buying in bulk saves you money but we're not even sure how a man riding a bus was able to obtain a 30 gallon barrel of Cinnabon icing! 

Craig Calhoun took a picture of an older man sitting proudly in the window seat of a Toronto, Canada bus, while the cylinder-shaped tub sat in the aisle seat.  While speculation has gripped the Internet as to why it was on a bus and why one man had it, the label may be a clue as to the frosting’s destination.  Upon closer inspection, it says "Cinnamon Frosting RTU 60 For Taco Bell." Perhaps it was being delivered to a local Taco Bell for their Cinnamon Delights 2 pack dessert of cinnamon spheres filled with icing?  Eventually the man with his icing got up and rolled it off at his destination, we can only assume was near a Taco Bell.

SOURCE: Refinery29

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