28% of New Cars Do Not Come With A Spare Tire

October 20, 2017

© Charles Knowles | Dreamstime

AAA just released a survey that found 20% of drivers have no idea on how to change a flat tire.  But it's not their fault as 28% of new cars sold today do not come with an actual spare tire! While some of the pricier cars are equipped with "run-flat" tires, most come with an Inflator/sealant kit, which consists of a one-time temporary sealant packet, which coats the inside wall of the tire and an air compressor to place air back in the tire so you can drive to the nearest mechanic ot properly repair the tire. However this newer system does not work if your tire has a sidewall puncture or the tire blows out.  It would explain why AAA has responded to over 450,000 emergency calls in 2016 who have suffered flat tires. Automakers have moved away from adding spare tires to improve fuel efficiency and to cut costs (as you will have to purchase an additional sealant kit once used). So when shopping around for a new or late model used car, don't assume the car will come with a spare tire.  Generally dealers can order a spare tire for your new car, for a fee of course!


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