The 22lb dumbbell That Holds Your iPhone X

May 23, 2018

© Anthony Behar-Sipa USA

If you gonna use your phone, might as well get a workout.  That's the though behind a new iPhone X case, which is attached to a 22lb dumbbell.  Dubbed the Macho Case and created by the Japanese cell phone company Softbank, it securely holds your phone in a polycarbonate that also covers a solid iron dumbbell.  The phone is positioned at a 25-degree angle so you can check out the screen with it in your hand, which is apparently the perfect position to watch movies, sent pictures and check texts while working out. The "world's heaviest" phone case isn't cheap, costing around $100 and it's not clear if Softbank will ship to the US. No word if a Samsung version will be created for Android users.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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