1990s AOL "You've Got Mail" icon now an Uber Driver

November 8, 2016

© Bradcollett | Dreamstime

The 1990s, the flannel-shirt wearing and beeper carrying decade that introduced us to the internet, well as long as someone didn't pick up the phone when you were connecting online.  There was CompuServe, Prodigy and the most famous, America Online or AOL. Once you disabled call waiting (or suffer the consequences) and had your modem call to connect you were greeted with the words, "welcome" and sometimes followed with “You've Got Mail".  In today's terms we'd think spoken word was created by a computer but in 1995, it was the work of Elwood Edwards, whose wife worked for a company called Quantum Computer Services, which eventually became AOL.  He earned the job after she heard the company's CEO wanted a voice to notify people when they received an email, so she told them about her husband the voice actor… and the rest was history, earning him worldwide fame for just $200.  Today he is an Uber driver in Shaker Heights, Ohio and delights his passengers of his glory days of the 90s by repeating his famous greetings and mail notification. Hear Elwood Edwards for yourself!  He’s still got it!


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