16ft Python Lived Inside Walls Of House For Over 15 Years

98.5 KTK Morning Show

June 23, 2016

An Australian woman awoke early Monday morning only to discover a 16 foot 88 pound snake sprawled out in her house! But that's not the crazy part of the story.  Apparently she knew of the snake and it had been living inside the walls and attic of the house for over 15 years! Trina Hibberd says she was startled around 4am when she heard a crashing sound.  When she flicked on the light, there was the python, nicknamed Monty, stretched from the hallway and wrapped around the footboard of a spare bed.  Trina believes the snake has been living in her home's walls and ceiling for over 15 years, making a brief appearance in 2001 while she was taking a shower. Since then, Monty has kept a low profile until this week. Trina was able to contact snake-catcher Dave Goodwin in the pre-dawn hours to remove Monty.  Being its winter down under, Monty was easily captured in the cold air and relocated to a nature preserve retention pond, where it is hoped Month will take care of a rat infestation.


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