The 120lb Giant Tortoise Who Escaped A Zoo

August 21, 2017

© Alexander Shalamov | Dreamstime

You would think that finding a 120lb giant tortoise that escaped from a zoo would be a simple matter but Abuh, had been missing for about two weeks.  It must've been all according to the plan as the 25-year old giant tortoise enjoyed roaming around an uncaged garden with zookeepers not too concerned the giant would ever escape their attention.  After all, Abuh's maximum speed is a little more than half a mile an hour.  Plus the zoo had a security camera set up at the only known exit point. But either by precise execution or clumsy luck, the tortoise because MIA. At first the zoo quietly headed up searches across the complex and town.  But as they could not find her, they made a public plea to find her!  For nearly two weeks, the search was on!  However the gently giant was found, a mere 459 feet from the zoo entrance nestled in some shrubbery.  Abuh was moved back into her enclosure at the zoo to the delight of the town and zoo, who says she is adored by all, especially children. 

SOURCE: Asahi & Time

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