11-Year Old Girl Sews Handbags To Raise Money For Hurricane Devastated Puerto Rico

February 1, 2018

© Wangkun Jia | Dreamstime

The 2017 hurricane season is a distant memory for most, except those in Puerto Rico where estimates still show roughly 20% of the population still does not have power or clean water four months after Maria devastated the U.S. Territory. Meital Sternthal knows a little about the area.  Near Puerto Rico are the Virgin Islands where the 11-year old visited the area with her parents and had the equivalent of an epiphany and fell in love with the island culture, its marine life and human community.  So she was heartbroken to see and hear that Puerto Ricans were having a tough time surviving and wanted to help.  That's when she and her parents came up with the idea of to help. Meital has a passion for sewing and has been taking sewing classes for three years.  So with her parents' support and guidance, Meital purchased a sewing machine and began creating handbags, pencil cases and other accessories that she sells online for money to purchase water purification systems to ship to Puerto Rico. To date she's crafted about 50 bags by hand and raised almost $3,000 of her $4,000 fundraising goal. You can contribute by CLICKING HERE.

SOURCE: From The Grapevine

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