11 Pounds of Coins Removed From A Sea Turtle's Stomach

March 7, 2017

© Idreamphotos | Dreamstime

When you toss a coin into a well it's accompanied by a wish.  Rarely do you give it much thought as to what happens once it hits the water.  In Thailand, a 25-year old green sea turtle named Bank, has been eating coins; 915 to be exact over the years.  She resides in a seaside town where many tourist flick coins into her pool of water, where it is considered good luck for the coins to be touched by a turtle.  Over the years some of the got tangled in her food and were consumed.  Recently town officials noticed the turtle was acting unusual. Being green sea turtles are endangered, officials wanted to find out what was wrong.  After a scan of her body it was discovered metal coins were the culprit.  So many coins were in her stomach that her shell had cracked due to the weight, which lead to a dangerous infection.  The four hour operation by University Veterinarians slowly removed about 11 pounds of coins from her stomach and now "Bank" is in recovery.

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