101 Cantina Eviction Filed For Unpaid Rent And Damages

September 14, 2016


 If you happen to have a 101 Cantina gift certificate, you may want to use it quickly.  The owners of the mid-town Gainesville building across from the University of Florida has had eviction paperwork filed for unpaid  rent, late charges, attorney fees and partial damages. Adding to the eviction is another company seeking to foreclose of Cantina 101's liquor license for non-payment of a promissory note. Trimark LLC, which handles the building affairs says it had sent paperwork for the restaurant to leave the building as of August 31st.  As of September 1st, rent was in the rears for over $21,000 .  It appears 101 Cantina will become history altogether, with the Tallahassee 101 Cantina shuttering earlier this year. The Gainesville restaurant appears to still be operating, but it’s just a matter of time.