10,000 Steps Isn't Enough

March 28, 2017

© Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) | Dreamstime

A few weeks ago we shared news that the 10,000 steps many fitness trackers was based on an estimation from 40 years ago and not very accurate in reaching your fitness goals.  Now a new study confirms that 10,000 is not factually accurate and actually not enough to beat cardiovascular disease.  The new study suggests upping your steps to 15,000 a day. The new goal, which roughly means walking 7 miles a day was based on postal worker volunteers aged 40 to 60, who sat for 15 hours or more daily at office jobs and at home, and others were mail carriers who walked their routes. They found those who walked at least 15,000 steps each days showed no increased risk of heart disease compared to those who sat all day.  Those boosted their chance of developing heart disease by .2% for every hour they sat in a chair. Yes, walking for a couple of hours at a brisk pace is unrealistic for many workers, the study authors suggest breaking it up into two 30 minute brisk walks a day for the benefits to a healthier heart.

SOURCE: New York Times

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