10,000 Steps A Day Is A Myth And May Be Dangerous For Some

February 21, 2017

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If you use a fitness app then you know about the number 10,000.  That's the standard number activity trackers prompt users to walk a day. However you can rack this one with the 8 glasses of water a day routine.  The 10,000 steps has no scientific evidence as being the minimum required number of steps for a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, some doctors are warning that attempting to make 10,000 for certain groups of people, such as people with diabetes and the elderly, can actually be harmful. The whole 10,000 steps a day routine is a guestimate from 1960 Japan, when scientists theorized the average man would need to walk 10,000 steps to burn 3,000 calories. Somehow this number has become a benchmark in the popular fitness apps, such as Fitbit.  But this doesn't take into account age, current health or individual walking gate. The good news is by talking with your Doctor and taking into account your current physical status, you can change the default step number in most activity trackers.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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