100 Lucky Pennies In Circulation Are Worth $1,000

October 20, 2016

© Tracy Hebden | Dreamstime

You probably have a cup full of them in a desk drawer, collecting dust.  That of course is the penny!  The US Mint has gone through much pain to reduce the costs in manufacturing the one cent piece from roughly 2.4 cents per penny in 2011 to 1.7 cents.  But do we really need the penny?  Has it outlived its usefulness?  The US Mint says it could save $52.9 million annually if we eliminated the penny, like Canada, Australia and many other countries.  But at least one hundred pennies currently in circulation are worth more than their weight.  In fact, these specially marked pennies are worth $1,000.  It is a promotion from online bank Ally, which says its $1,000 penny promotion shows Americans that every penny counts.  So check your change and in particular look at your pennies. The $1,000 pennies may look like regular ones but upon close inspection, Lincoln's head has been replaced with an Ally logo on the special pennies.  If you are lucky enough to have one, visit the company’s web site for instructions on how to redeem them.

SOURCE: Daily Mail & Wall Street Journal

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