10 Year Old Asks Police To Help Her With Math Homework

February 22, 2017


When you need help in an emergency, you turn to the police because that is what we are taught, even if that emergency is your math homework.  10-year old Lena Draper of Marion, Ohio was having some trouble understanding her math assignment, so she messaged the police department, "I'm having trouble with my homework.  Could you help me?" Lieutenant B.J. Gruber, responsible for updating the department's Facebook page responded with, "OK, with what?"  Lena went on trying to understand how to solve a problem with numbers in parenthesis.  Lt. Gruber explained to solve the problem in the parenthesis first, then continue with the remainder of the math. Lena's mother, Molly, took screenshots of the conversation and promptly shared how helpful the local police department were in helping the community, even with math.  As for Lt. Draper, he thought it was just a little life moment and is surprised on how the story is touching a nation.


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