10 Band Meme Online Is A Hackers Dream Come True

May 2, 2017

© Perfectvectors | Dreamstime

No doubt you seen, and perhaps answered, the question about the 10 concerts.  9 are real and one is fake, with friends encouraged to figure out whih one is the fake one. 

While you may have found it a fun walk down memory lane, or an annoyance.  Hackers were drooling that people were willingly putting out more personal information. For many security questions, one of the most common security questions happens to be "what was your first concert?" Let be honest, probably the first concert you attended was the first one you placed on the list. Even if it wasn't number one on your list, it's another example of personal data being freely shared on the Internet, such as your mother's maiden name, which can be searched by someone if they aim to assume your identity.  Security experts suggest that if you participated in the 10 bands meme to delete your answers (or at the very least restrict the view to friends or yourself only) and strongly consider not participating in any other meme or questions that reveals your personal information.  They also suggest using fake names that are easily remembered when completing security questions. They also recommend using a password manager, which creates random characters for passwords to create a stronger line of defense against cyber criminals.