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Subtle Signs That You Need More Sleep

November 29, 2018

You'd think it'd be easy to spot some of the signs that you aren't getting enough sleep. Yawning, the need for caffeine and even falling asleep waiting for the kids in the pickup line. However there are more subtle signs you need more sleep. If you find yourself spacing out. For instance, if it takes you three minutes to respond to an email that really should have only taken 30 seconds, you may need to hit the hay earlier. If you find yourself crying easily. A recent study found the emotional centers of the brain were over 60% more reactive under conditions of sleep deprivation than in those who had obtained a normal night of sleep. Being more irritable than normal is a classic sign of sleep deprivation. If you can't seem to get over a cold, then you might want to take a second look at your sleep schedule. A study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that people who sleep less than seven hours a night may be more likely to develop a cold than those who clock in at least eight hours of snooze time. If you find yourself overeating, it may not be because you're bored, it may be due to lack of sleep. If the brain is not getting the energy it needs from sleep it will often try to get it from food. When you're not sleeping properly you tend to eat more of what you're craving because you're not feeling the signals to stop eating.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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