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Signs of a Psychopath

August 6, 2019

With season two of Mindhunter approaching on August 16th, we've got psychopaths on the brain. While the Netflix drama focuses on criminal psychology and profiling specifically relating to serial killers, not every psychopath is a criminal. Just remember not to make the mistake of confusing a psychopath for a psychotic," says John E. Douglas, retired special agent and unit chief in the United States Federal Bureau, and author of Mindhunter, the book on which the show is based. In fact, your best friend may be a psychopath! The mobile app Blinkist points out the key signs of a psychopath. They're narcissistic. While not all narcissists are psychopaths, all psychopaths are narcissists. Narcissists generally believe they're above the law, exempt from society's rules.  While a narcissist might disregard the law due to a lack of awareness, psychopath will do so purpose, and do what they want with active intent. If you notice someone do something wrong and feel ashamed afterwards, they’re a narcissist. If they feel no shame or remorse, they’re more likely to be a psychopath. They behave unpredictably. Psychopaths don’t experience emotions in the same way as other people, yet they are able to intellectually understand emotional responses and use them to their own advantage. A psychopath’s ‘friendships’ are always purposeful - they have to give the psychopath something in return, and once this purpose is identified, a psychopath will manipulate the person to get what they want from them. Psychopaths are incredibly charming. They can be engaging and sympathetic, their stories are always exciting and believable, and, after speaking with them, you will often leave feeling happy and positive. The only sign that something might be amiss is if you notice that their stories don’t quite add up. Psychopaths extract what they want from the victim. They do this by changing their personality into a completely fictitious character: whoever is needed to manipulate the victim. They're risk takers and have a low threshold for boredom. With all that said, psychopaths walk among us and most are not out to take your life, at least physically!

SOURCE: Men's Health

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