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This Cake Is Crumbless So You Can Eat It In Bed

March 14, 2019

One of the drawbacks of eating food in bed is they leave crumbs, which are not only annoying but kinda gross.  Well now you can have your cake and eat it in bed as the Mini Melanie Dessert Shop in New York City has created a crumbless cake!  The Allswell Birthday Cake is made with extra fine pastry flour and a proprietary vanilla cream recipe that makes the inside of the cake completely crumbless. The cake is part of a promotion with Allswell Home, an online mattress company that is celebrating its one year anniversary of being in business and who encourages you to eat cake in bed! But the crumbless cake recipe is also used to make crumbless birthday truffles, which are sold in a 12-piece box that contain four truffles in Mocha, Lemon Poppy, and Funfetti.  While the crumbless cake is only sold at the Mini Melanie Dessert Shop in New York City, their truffle box is sold online for $36 and can be shipped anywhere.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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