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Mom Creates Line Of Passive-Aggressive Lunch bag Notes

November 29, 2018

Parents have come up with some ingenious ways to communicate with their children and while many attempts are futile, one mother is at least getting self-satisfaction in the most passive-aggressive way. Whitney Cicero is the mother of a 14-year old daughter and 12-year old son and like many parents, she include notes with her children's lunches.  But unlike most, she write the notes with a big, black marker on the outside of their brown bags. Some of the phrases include: "Wear a jacket," "I can't wait for you to drive either," "Just pretend it's Chipotle," "I don't know why your locker smells" and "Fortnite is not a career choice." Whitney says on her Instagram account that she began writing passive aggressive notes on my kids' lunch bags because it was either that or poisoning them. Her page is filled with photos that would make any teen cringe yet satisfy their parents.  Once she started posting photos of the bags, she was overwhelmed with the positive response and surprised that people actually wanted to actually buy them.  So she started a web site to sell her humorous quips on the outside of brown lunch bags that are updated monthly. You can purchase a 10-bag set for $10 at passiveaggressivelunchbags.com.

Making lunches like a boss. But also getting slightly #passiveaggressive #lunchbags #momlife #funnymoms

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