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Chances Are You Are Calling This Game Of Thrones Character's Name Wrong!

March 20, 2019

While Game of Thrones fans prepare for the series final less than a month away, we now find out one we've been saying the name of one of the most popular characters wrong! David Peterson, the guy who is a linguist and created the languages of the series has left our jaws on the floor because he says we're saying Khaleesi incorrectly.  In fact he revealed that the rampant mispronunciation of Khaleesi has been "a real thorn in my side" when he created the Dothraki language from a handful of words that George RR Martin. He says there is no way Khaleesi is pronounced ka-LEE-see' based on the spelling. In fact he toyed with changing the spelling of the Mother of Dragons but at that point, it was already out. So, how do you pronounce the character we've grown to call Khaleesi? Think of it like Chanukah, where you make the 'CHA' sound for the first syllable. Then the second and third syllable LAY-eh, with the "eh" not to be brushed aside, leaving us with the proper way to say the Mother of Dragons’ name is: CHA-LAY-eh-see. Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14, 2019.


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