An Illuminated Buffet Cooler Pool Float!

June 13, 2019

You’ve got to love a company called, PoolCandy! Part of owning a pool is knowing how to bling it out for parties and get-togethers and one simple way is to add a pool float.  That's where PoolCandy can help with an array of pool floats including an Illuminated Buffet Cooler! It spans 4 feet long, so it can hold a pretty wide selection of food, drinks, and ice. Best of all, it lights up with an array of battery-operated LED lights that have three different lighting options to choose from: strobe, flash, or still. So you can pick which lighting scheme you want depending on the vibe of the party. It's insulated, so you can load it with ice to keep your refreshments nice and cool as it floats atop the water. In the event of a party foul, the Illuminated Buffet Cooler comes with a patch kit to repair any holes or tears.  It sells for $25 at poolcandy.net.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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