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There Is A festival Honoring The French Fry This July In Tallahassee

June 26, 2019

There's a lot of love spilled over bacon with entire festivals dedicated to them. But just as beloved are French fries yet there aren't many festivals to honor crinkle cuts, shoestrings and curly fries...until now. Frye Festival, which is not to be mistaken with Fyre Fest, is an actual event happening in Tallahassee next month and it’s advertising an unlimited sampling of regular, curly, and waffle fries. The "immersive fried potato festival" kicks off July 13 and will feature the culinary innovations of three restaurants known for their fries with each location perfecting a different fry style for the day and create four different variations for each. That amounts to 12 different fry creations! Tickets are online for $20 (without shirt) and $25 (with a shirt). They'll also be on-hand at the door for last-minute attendees.

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SOURCE: Delish

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